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Single-Session Phobia Treatment

Anxiety about specific objects, places, and situations can can be crippling. Based on the pioneering work of Swedish psychologist Lars-Göran Öst, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center of Hawaii now offers an intensive half-day individual program for phobias of all kinds. This treatment, which shows a 90% long-term success rate, consists of slowly and gradually exposing the patient to the feared object or situation while the therapist, at the same time, helps the patient learn how to change irrational thoughts and unhelpful behaviors. The patient is always in control of the therapy and works with the therapist’s encouragement to overcome the fear. Another proven technique, clinical hypnosis, can sometimes be added to assist you in the process.

How does the treatment work, and how can it be so effective? One of Dr. Ransom’s patients, Julie Elise Landry, provided this beautiful, first person account of the process.

Types of Phobias Treated

Phobias of all kinds have been successfully treated with this treatment at our clinic and elsewhere. This includes fears of animals (e.g., dogs, spiders, etc.), the natural environment (e.g., heights, deep water, etc.), specific situations (e.g., driving, bridges, flying, etc.), and other phobias of all kinds, including unusual or unique fears. No matter how strange your phobia might seem, we have probably seen weirder and we’re ready to help.

Some fears, however, may not be right for phobia treatment. If your fears are related to social concerns, such as going to parties or meeting new people, you may benefit best from individual CBT for social anxiety disorder. Finally, this program would probably not be appropriate for sexual fears, which may require treatment from an experienced sex therapist.


Sessions run approximately four to five hours and take place over a single morning or afternoon. Unfortunately, health insurance plans do not pay for this proven, well-established, highly successful treatment due to the length of time required. The fee for this service is $1,750, all-inclusive, paid in full on the day of treatment. Patients will work directly with the clinic founder, Dr. Sean Ransom, a specialist in phobia treatment. A free, 25-minute phone consultation with Dr. Ransom will be conducted prior to scheduling the appointment, to determine suitability for the treatment program.

To ask questions, or for more information, please call the clinic at 808-779-5807 or submit your question below.


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