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Is Cognitive Therapy right for you?

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center of Hawaii provides psychotherapy services for adults and and adolescents.

Our philosophy of change begins with aloha and authenticity while adding the technical skills of diagnosis and treatment selection based on up-to-date psychological research. Evidence-based treatment, skillfully applied in a comfortable, accepting environment is the care you will find at the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center of Hawaii.

CBT teaches you how thinking styles affect mood and behavior. Therapy teaches you how to change that thinking. Practice is essential and CBT involves work, but that work yields results in better mood, better relationships, and more effective behavior.

Hundreds of research studies have now shown that CBT can improve depressed mood, relieve burdens of anxiety and fears, help relationships, and help people live a richer, fuller life. CBT can also help people deal with life crises, like illness or divorce.

Top medical doctors use the current research and proven techniques to address their patients’ health care needs. Likewise, the most effective psychotherapists apply the best science to their psychological treatment approach.

We invite you to call and schedule a free 25-minute, in-office consultation to discuss how CBT might best help you change your life, mood and relationships.

Types of Cognitive Therapy

As CBT has developed from research to address different problems, different forms of therapy have emerged that use CBT as its basis. Therapists at the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center of Hawaii base their treatment decisions on the most current research literature, which ensures that problems are addressed in the most effective possible way. These treatments include exposure-based therapies for social anxiety disorder and panic disorder, as well as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to help people reduce the chaos in their lives.

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